Positive emotions are necessary but not sufficient... (DW#967)

Did you manage to take the PERMA profile? If you did, you have an idea of which elements of PERMA are strong and which need work.

Today, let us talk about the P in PERMA which stands for positive emotions.

P = Positive emotions.

Positive emotions such as happiness, joy, awe, and peacefulness are an important aspect of wellbeing.

However we need to remember a couple of things:

Wellbeing does not mean the absence of so-called "negative" emotions such as sadness, distress, anger or grief.

 In fact, it is impossible to only experience pleasant emotions and a wide range of pleasant and unpleasant feelings is normal and healthy in life. Well-adjusted and healthy individuals experience "emodiversity" – that is a variety of emotions on a regular basis and getting rid of, suppressing or ignoring emotions is neither desirable nor healthy.

Secondly, as we have mentioned, positive feelings alone are not enough to thrive and we need to work on other aspects of PERMA as well.

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