Put on those rose-coloured glasses (DW#975)

Have you ever noticed how people who are in newly in love talk about each other?
It seems that they cannot praise the object of their affections enough and see no wrong in them. Potentially problematic behaviours and habits appear charming and unique.
And then they get married. And real life hits.
Sometimes when things get very challenging, they do a 180 and can only see the problematic behaviours and habits. They have taken off those rose-coloured glasses and donned a pair of dark dark glasses which can see no good.
If you are ever in this situation or know someone who is, it might help to share this piece of research with them: it turns out that perceptions held about a romantic partner's strengths matter more to predicting relationship quality and wellbeing than the partner's actual strengths.

In other words, if you focus on, pay attention to [and exaggerate] your partner's good qualities, you will be happier in your relationships. EVEN if your partner does actually have those 
WOW! What this means is that one way to be happy married long term is to intentionally keep those rose-coloured glasses on – forever!

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