Reverse-engineer your goals (DW #952)

Even when taking baby steps, it may be a good idea to begin with the end in mind. In other words, you have a big goal you want to achieve down the road? Great. Start with that.
And then work backwards through time to right now.  
Need to read 50 books in the next 2 years? That’s just 25 per year, or about 2 per month. Half a book per week. Which you can then do by consistently planning an extra 20 minutes a day (or reading 10-15 pages in the morning and again at bedtime and an hour on the weekends. And perhaps join a fast reading book club.

As a bonus, your mind will be on your side if the task is as simple as a half-book per week or 20 pages per day, where you might self-sabotage yourself thinking about the huge goal of 50 books over two years or even 25 a year.

We will discuss this further tomorrow inshallah. For now, play with this idea. Break down your big goal to baby steps.

This is a HUGE baby step!!

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