SMART goals

parenting spirituality Jan 22, 2017

Some of you may have heard of SMART goals.

Here are the criteria and some examples of SMART goals.

Specific - Studies show is that in order to activate our creativity, engage our focus and call out our best resources, the goals that we set need to be very specific. So what EXACTLY are you aiming for? Do you have a goal to read more? How many books will you read? What kind of books? If your goal is to connect more with family, who specifically will you connect with and how? How often will you initiate connection?

Measurable – How will you know that you have achieved your goal? Becoming a better person is not a measurable goal. Breathing and counting to ten before responding to sass from your teenager is more measureable. Becoming more efficient is not measurable. Getting through your task list at home before 2pm is measurable.

Action oriented – what will you DO differently? Becoming healthier is much too vague and does not specify the action. Eating dinner before 8pm on weekdays is action-oriented, measurable and specific.

Realistic (but risky) – we already talked about the sweet spot between discomfort and delusion. A goal that calls us to action should be doable but not so easy that it is not meaningful to personal growth. Sending out 10 resumes a month to facilitate a change in career is probably doable but will require going out of your comfort zone if you have been stuck in the same dead-end job for a decade.

Time-tabled – when are you planning to take the actions necessary to accomplish your goals? If it is not scheduled in your calendar, it is highly unlikely to happen because other 'urgent' things will always crowd out what is important but not urgent.

So take your goal setting to the next level by taking just a few moments to make your goals SMART.

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