Stop stopping (DW #936)

Once we have gotten ourselves to start taking action. There is an important point to remember.

Keep moving and stop stopping.

According to some athletes, Dean Karnazes is one of the fittest men alive today. He has some pretty amazing accomplishments under his belt: running 350 miles at once, running a marathon to the South Pole in minus 40 degrees, running 50 marathons in all 50 US states in 50 days!!!

He gave this advice to budding athletes in an interview quoting the ancient Chinese proverb: “Be not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid only of stopping.”

Wise words, these, and they can apply to absolutely any area of our lives, whether it’s writing a book, running a marathon, doing a long term project or anything else: KEEP GOING!!!

One of my favourite authors on the creative process, Steve Chandler puts it this way: He says we need to “Stop stopping.”

So, what challenge are you up to right now? What’s your next baby step?

Remember this: Keep moving!! No matter how slowly.

And stop stopping.

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