Talking about feelings (DW #934)

Yesterday we discussed that not feeling like doing something is not a good reason to not do it.

Here is another thing we need to understand about feelings and action.

David Reynolds in Constructive Living writes that feelings FOLLOW behavior. And that most of us do not understand this basic fact.

Most people ask themselves “How do I feel?” before they do anything and then they let that dictate what they do.

This is not very effective. Why?

Because science confirms that feelings FOLLOW behavior at least as much as the other way around.

Just simply getting yourself to take action CREATES the feelings you thought needed to be there to get you started.

You may have experienced this already.

For me, the first 20 minutes of moving are torture. I rarely want to get off the chair and get in action. Once I start moving, I want to stop immediately.

Once I manage to get through the first 20 minutes though, suddenly I want to keep going. I get into the groove.

And then it is just as hard to stop as it was to start.

You know what I mean?

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