The PERMA model of wellbeing (DW#966)

We have been chatting about understanding and nurturing (rather than pursuing) eudemonic wellbeing and why it is important.

Over the next few days, let’s explore the PERMA model of wellbeing as introduced by Martin Seligman who is widely acknowledged as being the founder of positive psychology.

In 1998, Dr. Martin Seligman used his inaugural address as the incoming president of the American Psychological Association to shift the focus of the study and practice of psychology from mental illness and pathology to wellbeing and flourishing.

Seligman’s theory consists of five components that people pursue because they are intrinsically motivating and they contribute to wellbeing. While each of these dimensions can be pursued independently, each works in conjunction with the other elements to produce and sustain wellbeing.

The reason PERMA has become so widely established as a model of wellbeing is because research has shown significant positive associations between each of the PERMA components and physical health, vitality, job satisfaction, life satisfaction, and commitment within and between individuals and also groups.

In other words, the theory works to explain wellbeing and also gives us clear guidance on how to promote it.

Exciting right?

So here are the five elements of the PERMA model which we will explore in greater depth inshallah – think of them as building blocks of wellbeing

  • Positive emotion – feeling good
  • Engagement – being absorbed in activities
  • Relationships – being authentically connected to others
  • Meaning – purposeful existence
  • Accomplishments – a sense of accomplishment and success            

Here is the link to take a quick test to measure PERMA in your own life

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