The anxiety busting question (DW #944)

Anxiety, like overwhelm, can be an immobilizing experience. Our minds get into a convoluted mess and we can start believing that we cannot take action. All our energy is taken up by our mind and little left for our organs.

Of course, our hands and legs are not paralysed. . . . our minds just lead us to think that they are.

When we are stuck, it is time to ask ourselves the all-important anxiety-busting question: What’s my next action?

"I learned I can solve all this worry and decision-making anxiety by taking action. By admiring action. By having action plans, by asking, whenever stuck, WHAT’S MY NEXT ACTION? And then, doing that action NOW. Action. Movement. Decisive energy. Solves most everything!" Steve Chandler in Time Warrior

Feeling stuck? Worrying about the future? Anxious? Feeling immobilized?

Remind yourself that you are not actually immobilized. You can still move your arms and legs (try it now!)

What’s your next action? Go do it now. Thank you.

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