The Future Project (DW#990)

While the world is experiencing a crisis of disengagement, meaninglessness and lack of purpose, there are small pockets of hope and action emerging.
Political scientists and economists are noticing an emerging trend where some youth are increasingly interested in "spiritual" rather than "material" concerns, and are prioritizing purpose, knowledge and community over money and consumer goods. It appears that while their parent’s generation may have spent much time accumulating material resources, pockets of this generation are not that motivated to add to their material resources.
Some not for profit institutions are working to encourage building connections, celebrating purpose and providing spaces for storytelling.

One such example is the Future Project, an organization with a mission supported by the pillar of purpose. The project aims to help students pursue their purpose by placing guidance counselors, called Dream Directors, [great name, right?] at schools in some of the roughest neighborhoods in the United States. 

The Dream Directors help the individual students follow their dreams by encouraging them to think big, envision contribution and help them create a step-by-step plan to turn their dreams into reality. 

The students who have benefited from the guidance of the Dream Directors at  the Future Project report that they continue to feel the positive effects of being involved in the initiative many years after. They report that they are more engaged when it came to learning and work and have developed a stronger sense of purpose in life.

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