The Indisctractable Model (DW#904)

Eyal developed a 4 point model to master focus in our lives.

Here are the four steps:

  • Master Internal Triggers
  • Make Time for Traction
  • Hack Back External Triggers
  • Prevent Distraction with Pacts.
Eyal uses the Fogg Behavior Model to explain that for a behavior (B) to occur, three things must be present at the same time: motivation (M), ability (A), and a trigger (T). Or B = MAT.
In order to do anything, we need motivation and ability – both the desire to do something and the ability or energy to do it. It also means that the easier something is to do, the more likely we are to do it and the harder it is to do, the less likely we will do it (unless we have really high motivation and discipline that is).
Eyal explains, however, that when people have sufficient motivation and ability, they are only primed for certain behaviour or ready to take action. According to him, without the critical third component, which is the trigger, the behavior will not occur. A trigger to tell us what to do next, he explains, is always required.
Now remember that we are talking about focus and attention. According to the B=MAT model, we have both the ability and the motivation towards distraction. And this is why it is important to deal with internal and external triggers towards distraction if we are to master our attention.
When it comes to the products we use every day and the interruptions that lead to distraction, external triggers—stimuli in our environment that prompt us to act—play a big role, Eyal explains.  
So what are some external triggers in our environment that make it so easy for us to be distracted?
Here are a few of mine:

Push notifications on the computer telling me a potentially life altering (NOT!) email has landed in my inbox/post has been added on Facebook

Having WhatsApp on my laptop

Having the phone close to me while I am working (or even in the same room)

Going on social media first thing in the morning.

How about you? What are some external triggers in YOUR environment that make it challenging for you to focus your attention?  Can we start with eliminating one in our lives today?

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