The one problem with visualization

family positive thinking Jan 23, 2017

Now that you have visualized what success looks like in your chosen area, I have to warn you about a potential pitfall.

When we use visualization effectively, it releases all sorts of feel good chemicals in our brain and makes us quite happy.

Why is this a problem?

Because the brain has such great feelings thinking about our goals that it thinks that it has ALREADY achieved success! This is why day dreaming is so very lovely (and problematic!!)

When we have all these great feelings we end up doing LESS to achieve these goals!!

This can be hard to understand but think of it this way: we set goals and strive to accomplish them to feel we are living on purpose and to feel good about ourselves.

One of the pitfalls of visualization is that it creates these good feelings without actually working or achieving these goals.

What I am saying is that visualization is great but it is NOT enough on its own.

So, what should we do?

1) Visualize success and get clear on the goal BUT then take step two:
2) Also visualize taking the steps necessary to get to your goal. Very recent research shows that this is the crucial step that differentiates those who are ultimately successful in accomplishing their goals.

Here are some examples:

Want to become healthy? Visualize your ideal level of health and wellbeing and THEN picture yourself eating well, sleeping well and moving.

Want to connect with your spouse? Visualize your ideal relationship and THEN picture yourself putting down your phone, eating dinner together and communicating well. (Btw we are going to talking A LOT about relationships next month inshallah)

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