The power of baby steps (DW #921)

Do you have big ideas, plans and aspirations that you struggle to act on?

Me too!
During times when there is so much opportunity for inspiration (for example in Ramadan which already seems so far away!) I want to do more, do better, to make changes in myself and in my life and basically transform every part of my life . . . .
Until life gets in the way, that is! The best of intentions do not appear to materialize when I try to aim big.
I have come to the realization (through research on what works and from personal experience) that only thing that works is to take baby steps in the direction that I want to go towards.
So for the next little while, let’s talk about the power of baby steps and how we can make micro progressions towards the kind of life we want.
You in?

ps: If you know someone who could use a little inspiration in their lives to make changes, would you please share the sign up link with them? Let us grow the #DailyWisdom family!

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