The pull of homeostasis (DW #883)

We have a set point for feelings, thoughts and behaviours that have developed over our lifetime.
And just like the thermostat that keeps temperature in your home within a certain range, our feelings, thoughts and behaviours also stay within a certain range.
This is our "normal", our comfort zone, our homeostasis (the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements)
And so it is understandable and to be expected that when we try to change, we are going to feel a natural tug back to how things were.
And when this happens, we need to remind ourselves that nothing has gone wrong. This is simply a part of the process of change.
Just like a rocket ship when it tries to lift off and escape the gravitational pull of the earth.
(Did you know that the bulk of the fuel used in a trip to space is in the lift-off phase?  This is how strong the pull back to our old way of doing things can be)
Leonard shares some insight on how to deal with this inevitable tug:
  • "Be aware of the way homeostasis works... don’t panic or give up at the first sign of trouble."
  • "Be willing to negotiate with your resistance to change... The fine art of playing the edge in this case involves a willingness to take one step back for every two forward, sometimes vice versa."
  • "Develop a support system."
  • "Follow a regular practice."
  • "Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning."
 Which of these are you already doing/practicing?
Which is most challenging?

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