The secret of confidence and courage (DW #945)

Many of us seek to find the secret to confidence.

"Oh the things that we could do", we tell ourselves, "if only we had the courage and the confidence".

In other words, we wait to take action on what matters to us, till the feelings of confidence arise within us.

Here’s the thing: It is foolish to have confidence in something in which we have no practice!

Remember when we learnt how to drive? Good thing we did not have much confidence before we had lots of practice, right? This fear and caution helped us to prepare, be careful and do our best on the road.

And as we repeated the act of driving scared many many times, the feelings of confidence began to appear . . . until we were no longer scared.

Similarly, in order to gain confidence in anything at all, we first have to do it scared.

Confidence does not precede action, it develops as a result of taking action.  

Emerson once said, "The greater part of courage is having done it before."

He also said: "Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain."

So, here is the secret to developing confidence and courage in absolutely any area of your life, from cooking to driving to managing teams to speaking in public to writing …..

Take action on what is important to you. Do it scared. Repeat until confident!

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