The spitting lizard (DW #925)

A significant distinction that enables conscious action is focusing on process rather than outcome. Keeping our sights on what we can do is empowering whereas focusing on the enormity of the struggle can create feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness.
Many causes and projects are so huge that it is extremely difficult to see the benefit of doing anything about it. Protesting terrorism, oppression, injustice, global warming all come to mind as examples.
At times like this it may be helpful to remember the legend of the little lizard:

It is said that when Prophet Ibrahim (as) was thrown in the fire by Namrood, there was a little lizard who was watching. The other animals saw that the lizard was filling its mouth with water and spitting at the great fire.

The other animals started making fun of the lizard. "What are you hoping to accomplish?" they asked scornfully. "Look at the fire and look at your size! You are never going to put it out. You might as well give up right now."
The lizard replied wisely, "It is not about putting out the fire. It is about doing what I can do in the face of injustice and oppression. When I stand before God I can say that I took a stand and did my best".
Have you been spitting at fires much lately?

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