Turning a struggling relationship around (DW#979)

When we are in the midst of a challenging time in our relationships, we can be unsure of how to turn things around. It may appear that poorly handled conflict has taken residence and we are not sure what to do about it because each day things may seem to be getting worse  . . . .
If you are going through such a phase in your life, please do not despair.
How about instead of thinking about the entirety of your relationship and all of its seemingly unsurmountable challenges, you focus only on the next interaction with the challenging person? What if you could manage to make the next moments you have with this person a pleasant experience?
Trivial as this sounds, focusing on the next moment and the next interaction is a powerful way to begin to change the course of your relationship.
Little by little, the pot is filled, as Buddhist wisdom says.  
And as Barbara Fredrickson reminds us in her seminal book, Love 2.0:

"Love is that micro-moment of warmth and connection that you share with another living being." 

Micro-moment of warmth and connection. That is what we need. That is what it takes to begin to turn the tide of your relationship.

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