Use your resources for good (DW# 920)

Verse 77 of Chapter 28, Sura Qassas says: And seek by means of what Allah has given you, the abode of the Hereafter.
This verse talks about the advice his companions gave to Qarun, a very wealthy man of his time. Qarun’s advisors are reminding him that he has many resources at his disposal, resources which he could use to do good in this world, and thereby gain Allah’s pleasure, eternal reward and secure his place in the eternal life.  
This verse is a good reminder to all of us – each of has been granted abundant and unique gifts, gifts which are a trust from Him to be used in His service. For some of us that may be time, money or talents with which we can be a force for good on this planet. When we use these resources in service of a greater good, we are in a sense making a great investment, an investment which will result in a manifold return.
This verse reminds me of a rather sweet story from the life of the Holy Prophet (saw). Here is how I remember it:

It was Eid day and the Prophet (saw)’s family had sacrificed an animal and distributed most of the meat to those in need. When the Prophet (saw) asked his wife Ume Salma about the distribution, she said, “only the shoulder is saved for you”, because she knew the Prophet (saw) enjoyed this cut of meat.

All is saved, but the shoulder”, replied the Holy Prophet (saw), reminding us that what is given in the way of God is invested or saved for ever.

The verse is a good reminder for us to reflect on how we are using our resources, what are we using and how much we are “saving”.

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