What are your core values?

The second question we will explore in our quest for self awareness and growth is this: What are my core values?

Values are a part of us. They highlight what we stand for. Values guide our behavior, providing us with a personal code of conduct.

When we honor our personal core values consistently, and live in alignment with them, we experience fulfillment in our lives.

Similarly, if we are not living in integrity with our core values or when we dishonor them, we experience guilt, remorse and anger. (In fact, when we are angry at someone else, it is often because one or more of our core values has been injured – think about this one)

Other ways to ask this question and get in touch with our core values are: What is the most important thing about me as a person? What do I stand for? What are the qualities that I would like to be known for?

It is important to remember that we cannot select values that we would like or believe that we 'should' have. It is a process of discovery and revelation through action and behaviour. For example, if you say that family is a core value, does your behaviour reveal this value?

Here are some examples of values. Which resonate most with you? Which do you live by? Which would you say represent you if you could choose only 5?

· Authenticity

· Achievement

· Authority

· Autonomy

· Balance

· Beauty

· Compassion

· Challenge

· Citizenship

· Community

· Contribution

· Creativity

· Curiosity

· Determination

· Fairness

· Faith

· Growth

· Happiness

· Honesty

· Justice

· Knowledge

· Leadership

· Learning

· Love

· Loyalty

· Meaningful Work

· Optimism

· Peace

· Recognition

· Religion

· Respect

· Responsibility

· Security

· Service

· Spirituality

· Success

· Status

· Trustworthiness

· Wealth

· Wisdom

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