What do you regret? (DW #856)

While doing the end of year review feelings of regret can show up about missed opportunities, and near wins. And since these can be intense, painful and include self-blame, it is tempting to try and distance ourselves from them.
Regret is an uncomfortable and sometimes toxic emotion. Experts find, however, that there can be an upside of regret. Regret can teach us valuable lessons if we are brave enough to pause and reflect on what is causing the regret.
Janet Landman, a University of Michigan psychologist suggests that regret has several benefits.
Firstly, regret teaches us what not to do in the future. Reflecting on our missteps and mistakes is critical to avoiding these missteps in the future.
Secondly, facing regret and acknowledging where we fell short can act as motivation to change. Landman says, "Regret may not only tell us that something is wrong, but it can also move us to do something about it."
Thirdly, regret acts like a moral compass, signaling us when we’ve veered off the path or failed to live up to our values and showing us how to get back on track.
So, if feelings of regret show up during our end of year review, can we please be brave and see what regret has to teach us?

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