What is your keystone habit? (DW #929)

While picking what to focus on and take baby steps on by making it into micro-goals, it might be wise to start with a keystone habit.

What is a keystone habit?
A keystone, by the way, is an important structural piece in in a building. It locks an arch in place and is essential for its strength and integrity.
And similarly, our keystone habits are important "structures" in our lives and super important in making other parts of our lives work. The benefit of working on a keystone habit is that the benefits accrued from installing this habit cascade into the rest of our lives.
For me, a keystone habit is intentional movement. (Many would call this exercise – I prefer the word movement – the reason why to be discussed at another time)
When I am focusing on moving my body, I eat better, I sleep better, I focus better. I feel (very) virtuous!

You get the picture? Daily intentional movement is my keystone habit. When I work on installing moments of movement in my life, MANY other areas of my life work better.
What is your keystone habit? (eating, sleeping, something else?)
What micro goal can you set to install this habit? A micro foal so simple and easy that it makes no sense not to do it?

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