What is your practice? (DW #882)

What are your practices in the various domains of your life?
Most of us have a spiritual practice already. We pray several times a day, may read spiritual texts regularly.
How about in other areas of our lives?
What are your practices in your relationships? Do you have daily rituals that you practice regularly, regardless of how you are feeling? (Very important not to confuse feeling love with practicing love!) Do you have practices around appreciation, around service, around expressions of affection?
Can you make your self-development a practice? Create rituals around your meditation or journaling or reading or exercising so that it’s not a "when I can squeeze it in" thing but a firm commitment, a fundamental part of your day? A practice that you honor on your path to mastery.
Anything that you do any case, can be turned into an intentional practice on your path to self-mastery, by the way.
Simple things like washing the dishes, ironing or writing checks.  If we are intentional with these simple things, these mundane routines of daily life can become practices towards wholehearted living with grace and presence.  
As they say, how you do anything is how you do everything.

How do you do anything?

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