Where are you focusing your energy?

Where are you focusing your energy?

Once you have drawn your circles and written in them the things that you are concerned about and the things that you have influence over, it is time to get honest about where you are focusing your attention and your energy.

It is tempting to rant and complain about the things that concern us like politics, the economy, the weather, the lack of social justice in the world etc. etc. It makes absolutely NO difference to what we are concerned about.

Focusing our energy and our attention on matters that we cannot change or impact is guaranteed to bring about a sense of powerlessness and unhappiness in our lives.

But here's the thing: if we focus instead on things that we DO have control over, guess what happens? Our circle of influence grows.

So here are some things that I care about (Circle of Concern), followed by an example of something I could do to impact the situation (Circle of Influence):

My physical health – eat well, move and sleep
Financial state of business – keep better accounts of income and expenses
The fragility of modern relationships – educate young couples about what makes relationships work
My children's spirituality – model a close relationship with God and live my values
The US election – still trying to figure that one out!!

Do you get the picture? The more time I spend in my circle of control (what I can say and do) the more influence I have over what I am concerned about.

Where do you think successful (or as Covey calls them 'Highly Effective") people spend most of their time and energy? Their Circle of Control or their Circle of Concern?

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