Who gets to enjoy you at your best? (DW#974)

Hopefully by now you have taken the VIA and are clear on your strengths and who you are at your best.
The next question is a challenging one: who gets to witness your strengths and enjoy you at your best? Is it your friends, your co-workers, the people who work for you or your family?
If asked who are the most important people in our lives, most of us would reply our families, right? But if we are completely honest with ourselves, sometimes our behaviour doesn’t reflect this.

It seems that we give our best selves to the world outside and when we enter the sacred spaces that are our homes, we are weary and too tired to make the effort. Often, we leave our cheery and charismatic selves at the doorstep and walk in as grump-a-lumps.
How about becoming a bit more intentional about sharing our best selves with those who matter most?

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