You and your chisel(DW #824)

Yesterday we spoke about how Michelangelo used his chisel to expose the latent beauty in a block of marble. And how we can also chip away at the barriers which stand between ourselves and the best versions of ourselves.
Interestingly, the English word character comes from the Greek word that means "chisel" or  more accurately, "the mark left by a chisel."
How cool is that!
Our character is formed by a chisel. Just as the chisel is a small instrument, which can chip away at that block of marble in tiny tiny movements, our character is formed by the small choices that we make in the moments of our lives.
At any given time, we are chipping away at positive choices and harming our character OR we are chipping away at poor choices and creating a character worthy of ourselves.
Character is formed by the small choices that we make moment by moment by moment. Our choices add up over time to form and reveal our character.
So, let us ask ourselves how well we are using our chisel? What direction are our small choices taking us in this moment?
Are we stepping forward into the best version of ourselves? Or are we taking a few steps back?
Let us choose to use our chisels wisely and create a character that we are proud of.

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